Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery (ACS) – Call for Videos

Published: 2012-09-30

"Masters of Cardiothoracic Surgery” is a featured section of the ACS. It comprises of narrated videos provided by specialist surgeons. This is designed to present a detailed "how to" multimedia manual for operative procedures. The submitted videos of each article must be accompanied by voiceover and descriptive text.

General Instructions

The text should include at least three subheadings – Introduction, Operative techniques and Comments. The main section on Operative techniques should include detailed descriptions of the procedures in a step-by-step format. Expert opinions regarding possible pitfalls and the comparison of the described procedure with other methods are encouraged.

All of following items should be submitted in an editable format (eg. Word file):

• Title of Video Demonstration

• Authors - List a maximum of six authors in the order they should appear including for each: first name, family name, and institutional affiliation (department is optional)

• Corresponding Author - Please provide the name, e-mail address and telephone number of the author to whom communications should be directed

• Abstract - 300-word or less description of the video to be used for an announcement on the Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery Home Page

• Text Description - A description of the video to appear on the video page. The text is limited to 3000 words and may include images

• Disclosure - Include disclosure information if it is applicable

Your material must contain no specific patient information and must be HIPPA compliant. For example, patient name or hospital identification numbers should not appear on radiographs, slides, or film contained in a video. If you are not the copyright holder of a portion of the video (artist illustrations, images from books, photos, cartoons, music, etc.), you must obtain permission to publish the item(s) from the copyright holder.

Do not include music in your video unless you are submitting the video accompanied by written permission from the publisher allowing us to republish the music on the internet. Videos will not be considered for publication until all of the required information and documents have been received. Specific Requirements for Videos

Each video clip submitted to the “Masters of Cardiothoracic Surgery” section should not be longer than 60 minutes (preferably, 20-30 minutes), and must be accompanied by voice narration, in English.

ACS will accept digital files in mp4 (preferred), flash video (.flv), MPEG (MPEG video file), DVD video format, mov, avi, and wmv formats. We recommend using H.264/mp4 for the video codec and AAC for the audio codec. ACS can accept video submissions in a variety of different formats. Both 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratios are acceptable. The videos must be good quality.

Contributors are asked to be succinct, and the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to require shorter video duration. The video should be of high quality (resolutions at least: 480p: 854x480; 360p: 640x360). The video should demonstrate the descriptions in the text of the manuscript. Additional video editing by the authors, including the insertion of a voice-over may be required.

Submitting Videos Online

Videos can be submitted with a manuscript online ( You can submit your files directly to the ACS editorial office in one simple step. For fast uploads please attach your file(s) as compressed .zip or .sit files. Once upload has been initiated, do not close the window until you have received on screen confirmation that your upload has been successful. Please note that the maximum size of each file has a limit of 2GB. If your file(s) for submission are greater than this limit, please divide the file into multiple segments, with the file names labeled in the correct order.

Submitting Videos by Mail

If the files are too big and the authors do not wish to compromise on the quality of the videos, please burn the videos onto a DVD and send it directly to Tristan D. Yan, 91 Bellevue Road, Edinburgh, UK, zip code: EH7 4DH.

Tristan D. Yan, MBBS, MS, MD, PhD.

Paul G. Bannon, MBBS, PhD.


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