Article Abstract

Total artificial heart: surgical technique in the patient with normal cardiac anatomy

Authors: Joshua S. Chung, Dominic Emerson, Dominick Megna, Francisco A. Arabia


Heart failure is a complex, growing problem with significant morbidity and mortality. Though heart transplantation remains the gold standard treatment for end-stage heart failure, there remains a national shortage of donor hearts. Mechanical circulatory support has provided an additional option for clinicians to support patients for the purposes of bridging patients to transplantation or to be used for destination therapy purposes. Despite generally favorable outcomes with univentricular support, in a subset of patients with biventricular heart failure, an isolated left ventricular assist device is not sufficient. Right ventricular failure has a negative impact on patient survival if not identified and treated promptly. The Total Artificial Heart (TAH) is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved artificial heart used for bridging patients to transplantation. Outcomes in patients who undergo implantation of the TAH at experienced centers have been good and reproducible.


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