Article Abstract

Heart transplantation after SynCardia® total artificial heart implantation

Authors: Michiel Morshuis, Sebastian V. Rojas, Kavous Hakim-Meibodi, Artyom Razumov, Jan F. Gummert, René Schramm


Background: The SynCardia total artificial heart (TAH)® is the only approved TAH device. This report summarizes our single-center experience with the SynCardia TAH® with particular focus on the outcome after subsequent heart transplantation.
Methods: We retrospectively analysed the outcome of all transplanted SynCardia TAH® patients at our center between 2001 and 2019 in comparison to transplanted left ventricular assist device (LVAD) and biventricular assist device (BVAD) patients and to transplanted patients without prior durable mechanical circulatory support (non-MCS).
Results: Only a fraction (n=69; 37.3%) of all SynCardia TAH® patients (n=193) were transplanted. The majority (81.2%) of those were in high-urgency status at the time of transplantation. Survival in transplanted SynCardia TAH® patients was significantly poorer when compared to LVAD-, BVAD- and non-MCS patients (P=0.008).
Conclusions: Heart transplantation in SynCardia TAH® patients requires distinct risk stratification to improve outcomes.


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