Article Abstract

Hybrid aortic arch repair

Authors: Rachel E. Clough, Shamim Lotfi, Jonathan Powell, Alexandra Lee, Peter R. Taylor


Innovations in thoracic endovascular aortic repair techniques have enabled its incorporation in open procedures, resulting in a hybrid approach to aortic arch repair. The present study reported our experience with the hybrid technique in managing arch pathologies. Fifty-one patients underwent a hybrid repair of arch pathologies. 10 patients had urgent or emergency surgery, and 8 had previous abdominal aortic aneurysm repair; all were classified as high risk (ASA grade III or IV). Overall 30-day mortality was 9.8% (5/51). Hospital mortality was 30% (3/10) in urgent/emergent surgery and 4.90% (2/41) in elective cases. Ischemic stroke occurred in 11.8% (6/51) of patients, while 5.9% (3/51) experienced paraplegia. Endoleaks occurred in 8 patients, 6 of which were Type 1. Long-term patency rate was 96%. The hybrid technique is a safe, effective and less invasive alternative to open repair of arch pathologies, with comparable outcomes in high-risk patient groups. Patency rates and durability demonstrate the long-term potential of this technique.