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  • Outcomes of surgical and transcatheter aortic valve replacement in the octogenarians—surgery still the gold standard?

    Sameer A. Hirji, Fernando Ramirez-Del Val, Ahmed A. Kolkailah, Julius I. Ejiofor, Siobhan McGurk, Ritam Chowdhury, Jiyae Lee, Pinak B. Shah, Piotr S. Sobieszczyk, Sary F. Aranki, Marc P. Pelletier, Prem S. Shekar, Tsuyoshi Kaneko
  • Long-term outcomes and prosthesis performance after transcatheter aortic valve replacement: results of self-expandable and balloon-expandable transcatheter heart valves

    Giuseppe Tarantini, Paola A. M. Purita, Augusto D’Onofrio, Chiara Fraccaro, Anna Chiara Frigo, Gianpiero D’Amico, Luca Nai Fovino, Marta Martin, Francesco Cardaioli, Mostafa R. A. Badawy, Massimo Napodano, Gino Gerosa, Sabino Iliceto


  • Transcatheter aortic valve implantation economics: a grisly reality

    Antonis S. Manolis
  • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement in intermediate and low risk patients-clinical evidence

    Sameer Arora, John P. Vavalle
  • Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in nonagenarians: selectively feasible or extravagantly futile?

    Antonis S. Manolis, Antonis A. Manolis
  • Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in Asia

    Jimmy Kim Fatt Hon, Edgar Tay
  • Review of minimal access vs. transcatheter aortic valve replacement for patients with severe aortic stenosis

    Carson T. Hoffmann, Jacob A. Heiner, Tom C. Nguyen
  • Comparison of hemodynamic and clinical outcomes of transcatheter and sutureless aortic bioprostheses: how to make the right choice in intermediate risk patients

    Augusto D’Onofrio, Assunta Fabozzo, Gino Gerosa

Masters of Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Transcarotid approach for TAVI: an optimal alternative to the transfemoral gold standard

    Pavel Overtchouk, Ibrahim Alqdeimat, Augustin Coisne, Khalil Fattouch, Thomas Modine

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