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Technical aspects of robotic posterior mitral valve leaflet repair

	author = {Hoda Javadikasgari and Rakesh M. Suri and Tomislav Mihaljevic and Stephanie Mick and A. Marc Gillinov},
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	abstract = {Posterior mitral valve leaflet repair is safe, effective and durable and can be performed through conventional sternotomy or by using minimally invasive thoracoscopic or robotic-assisted approaches. Triangular resection with ventricularization, quadrangular resection with sliding or folding leaflet reconstruction, neochordae implantation and edge-to-edge leaflet repair are different techniques for eliminating the prolapsing mitral leaflet segment and restoring normal leaflet coaptation. Recent studies have demonstrated that minimally invasive approaches are associated with a reduced risk of postoperative complications, shorter hospital stay and improved cosmetic outcomes when compared to conventional sternotomy. In this review, we sought to describe technical aspects of robotic posterior mitral valve repair.},
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