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Tracheal release maneuvers

	author = {Brett Broussard and Douglas J. Mathisen},
	title = {Tracheal release maneuvers},
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	abstract = {Tracheal resection and reconstruction has been slow to develop in the field of thoracic surgery. The ability to perform a low tension, well-vascularized anastomosis with good outcomes has improved with understanding of tracheal blood supply and the ability to perform tracheal release maneuvers. Laryngeal and suprahyoid release maneuvers can be helpful for cervical tracheal resections, while hilar and pericardial release maneuvers can be beneficial in thoracic tracheal resections. Simple maneuvers such as neck flexion and dissection of the avascular pretracheal plane can also be used to improve anastomotic tension. In this paper, we will review the indications, technical considerations and results of performing cervical and intrathoracic tracheal release maneuvers during tracheal resection and reconstruction.},
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