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Zone zero hybrid arch exclusion versus open total arch replacement

	author = {Ourania Preventza and Corinne W. Tan and Vicente Orozco-Sevilla and Caleb J. Euhus and Joseph S. Coselli},
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	abstract = {Open total aortic arch replacement is one of the most technically demanding operations in cardiothoracic surgery, requiring operator expertise and intraoperative and postoperative teamwork. Despite current advancements in the field of open aortic surgery with regard to intraoperative brain protection and postoperative care, the morbidity and mortality associated with open total arch operations varies. Endovascular and hybrid procedures involving the use of zone 0 as a landing zone allow fair comparison between open total arch and hybrid operations. Hybrid procedures involving all of the other landing zones [1–4] should not be compared with open total arch replacement, as the extent of the pathology is different.},
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