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Minimally invasive valve sparing mitral valve repair—the loop technique—how we do it

	author = {Stephan Jacobs and Simon H. Sündermann},
	title = {Minimally invasive valve sparing mitral valve repair—the loop technique—how we do it},
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	abstract = {Mitral valve insufficiency is the second most common heart valve disease, with untreated regurgitation leading to enlargement of the left atrium (LA), atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Besides functional regurgitation, the main cause is degenerative valve disease with elongation of the chordae tendineae and prolapsing of the leaflets. Surgical repair is the gold standard therapy for mitral valve insufficiency today. Recently, the implantation of neochordae (the “loop-technique”) has been established and is the preferred technique in many centres including ours. Results of surgical mitral valve repair are good with low rates of re-intervention and mortality. With minimally invasive techniques, patient satisfaction is high and hospital stay is short. In conclusion, mitral valve repair should be the preferred strategy in patients with symptomatic mitral valve insufficiency or with asymptomatic mitral valve insufficiency in accordance with the guidelines. Modern repair techniques like neo-chord implantation with the loop-technique combined with minimally invasive access routes result in low mortality and morbidity and short hospital stay as well as high patient satisfaction.},
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