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Sutureless repair of subacute left ventricular free wall rupture

	author = {Maged Makhoul and Benjamin Medalion and Roberto Lorusso and Gil Bolotin},
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	abstract = {Left ventricular free wall rupture (LVFWR) is one of the most lethal heart conditions where mortality rates reach 40% intraoperatively and 80% in hospital. A few days after the acute event, the rupture becomes subacute, and surgery is indicated to repair the frail myocardium. Despite the lack of strong evidence to support the efficacy of sutureless repair of subacute LVFWR in the literature, this technique has recently been gaining popularity with acceptable success rates. In this article, we present two techniques to repair the subacute LVFWR without using sutures: the direct glued-hemostatic patch technique and the glued pericardial patch technique. In both techniques, the healthy myocardium surrounding the infarcted zone is recruited, together with hemostatic materials, to seal the rupture. Moreover, we describe the clinical presentation of the acute and subacute LVFWR, peri-operative management, together with intra-operative tips and the advantages and disadvantages of each material used in these operations.},
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