Article Abstract

MitraClip patient selection: inclusion and exclusion criteria for optimal outcomes

Authors: Mario Gössl, Paul Sorajja


Edge-to-edge repair with the percutaneous MitraClip technology has changed the landscape for patients with symptomatic, severe degenerative mitral valve regurgitation who are at prohibitive surgical risk. While the results of randomized controlled trials of MitraClip therapy in patients with functional mitral valve regurgitation are still pending, single center experiences as well as registry data generally support the real-world application of the MitraClip therapy. In the majority of individuals treated with MitraClip, complete or near-complete relief of mitral regurgitation occurs, with results approaching the effectiveness of open surgery. This perspective summarizes the data, with a focus on current selection criteria of percutaneous MitraClip edge-to-edge repair that can optimize clinical outcomes.


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