Coronary Revascularisation—Surgical Developments and Future Prospects

Systematic Review

Comparison of minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass and drug-eluting stents for management of isolated left anterior descending artery disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 7,710 patients

Shahzad G. Raja, Mohsin Uzzaman, Sheena Garg, Gowthanan Santhirakumaran, Michelle Lee, Manish K. Soni, Habib Khan

Network meta-analysis of antiplatelet therapy following coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG): none versus one versus two antiplatelet agents

Adam Chakos, Dean Jbara, Kamal Singh, Tristan D. Yan, David H. Tian

Graft patency after open versus endoscopic saphenous vein harvest in coronary artery bypass grafting surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Karishma Kodia, Sinal Patel, Matthew P. Weber, Jessica G. Y. Luc, Jae Hwan Choi, Elizabeth J. Maynes, Syed-Saif Abbas Rizvi, Dylan P. Horan, H. Todd Massey, John W. Entwistle, Rohinton J. Morris, Vakhtang Tchantchaleishvili

Keynote Lecture Series

Lessons learned from Radial Artery Database International ALliance (RADIAL)

Mario F. L. Gaudino, Jeremy R. Leonard, David P. Taggart

Surgical management of anomalous coronary arteries

Chin Siang Ong, Duke E. Cameron, Marshall L. Jacobs

Featured Article

Sternotomy closure using rigid plate fixation: a paradigm shift from wire cerclage

Keith B. Allen, Kyle J. Icke, Vinod H. Thourani, Yoshifumi Naka, Kendra J. Grubb, John Grehan, Nirav Patel, T. Sloane Guy, Kevin Landolfo, Marc Gerdisch, Mark Bonnell

Short-term clinical outcomes and long-term survival of minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass grafting

Shahzad G. Raja, Sheena Garg, Melissa Rochon, Siobhan Daley, Fabio De Robertis, Toufan Bahrami

Dual antiplatelet therapy versus aspirin monotherapy in diabetics with stable ischemic heart disease undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting

Makoto Mori, Kayoko Shioda, Syed Usman Bin Mahmood, Abeel A. Mangi, James J. Yun, Arnar Geirsson

Art of Operative Techniques

Understanding the financial cost of robotic lobectomy: calculating the value of innovation?

Emily Singer, Peter J. Kneuertz, Desmond M. D’Souza, Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, Robert E. Merritt

Awake and fully mobile patients on cardiac extracorporeal life support

Darryl Abrams, A. Reshad Garan, Daniel Brodie

Transcatheter mitral valve chord repair

Vedran Savic, Alberto Pozzoli, Gökhan Gülmez, Halil Demir, Nikola Batinkov, Shingo Kuwata, Alberto Weber, Rolf Vogel, Felix Tanner, Michel Zuber, Francesco Maisano, Maurizio Taramasso

Functional outcome after (laryngo)tracheal resection and reconstruction for acquired benign (laryngo)tracheal stenosis

Simone T. Timman, Christiana Schoemaker, Wilson W. L. Li, Henri A. M. Marres, Jimmie Honings, Wim J. Morshuis, Erik H. F. M. van der Heijden, Ad F. T. M. Verhagen

Weaning from veno-arterial extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation: which strategy to use?

Sofia Ortuno, Clément Delmas, Jean-Luc Diehl, Clotilde Bailleul, Aymeric Lancelot, Mahassen Naili, Bernard Cholley, Romain Pirracchio, Nadia Aissaoui

Transcatheter trans-septal mitral valve-in-valve implantation

Vivian G. Ng, Susheel Kodali, Isaac George

Screening for aortic aneurysms

Christopher Harris, Beth Croce, Christopher Cao

Systematic review and meta-analysis of transcatheter aortic valve implantation versus surgical aortic valve replacement for severe aortic stenosis

Christopher Cao, Su C. Ang, Praveen Indraratna, Con Manganas, Paul Bannon, Deborah Black, David Tian, Tristan D. Yan

Results of open thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Scott A. LeMaire, Matt D. Price, Susan Y. Green, Samantha Zarda, Joseph S. Coselli

Systematic review and meta-analysis: techniques and a guide for the academic surgeon

Kevin Phan, David H. Tian, Christopher Cao, Deborah Black, Tristan D. Yan

Anatomy of the aortic root: implications for valve-sparing surgery

Efstratios I. Charitos, Hans-Hinrich Sievers

Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm

John R. Frederick, Y. Joseph Woo

Complications after aortic valve repair and valve-sparing procedures

Michel Van Dyck, David Glineur, Laurent de Kerchove, Gébrine El Khoury

Why is the mammary artery so special and what protects it from atherosclerosis?

Fumiyuki Otsuka, Kazuyuki Yahagi, Kenichi Sakakura, Renu Virmani

Harvesting the radial artery

Arie Blitz, Robert M. Osterday, Richard F. Brodman

Valve sparing root replacement: the remodeling technique with external ring annuloplasty

Emmanuel Lansac, Isabelle Di Centa, Jan Vojacek, Jan Nijs, Jaroslav Hlubocky, Gianclaudio Mecozzi, Mathieu Debauchez

Video-atlas of aortic valve repair

Saadallah Tamer, Laurent de kerchove, David Glineur, Gebrine Elkhoury