• May 2016—Type A Aortic Dissection

    This special issue of ACS looks at the complex issue of Type A Aortic Dissection, with Professor Duke Cameron and Associate Professor Joel Price as Guest Editors. Topics of interest include acute aortic syndrome, brain protection strategies, hemiarch replacement and much more. Contributors include Joel Corvera, Aung Oo, Anthony Estrera and many more.

  • March 2016—Uniportal Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery

    This special issue of ACS explores the emerging world of uniportal video-assisted thoracosopic surgery (VATS), under the leadership of Guest Editor and international pioneer, Dr Diego Gonzalez-Rivas. Featured articles discuss the development, surgical techniques and future innovations of this minimally invasive approach to thoracic surgery. Contributors include Sebastien Gilbert, Gaetano Rocco, Dmitry Sekhniaidze and many more.

  • September 2015—Mitral Valve Repair

    This special issue of ACS explores the complex issue of Mitral Valve Repair, with Professor Joseph Woo as Guest Editor. Topics of interest include the current and future development of transcatheter and minimally invasive repair devices and techniques, novel surgical approaches, emerging imaging modalities, and more. Contributors include Randolph Chitwood, Lawrence Cohn, Tirone David, Ottavio Alfieri, Rakesh Suri, and many more.

  • January 2016—Minimally Invasive Mediastinal Surgery

    Under the guidance of Guest Editor, Dr Joel Dunning, this issue of ACS is focused on Minimally Invasive Mediastinal Surgery. Special topics of interest include current and future applications of video-assisted thoracoscopic, robotic and mini-sternotomy thymectomy; mediastinal lymphadenectomy; sympathectomy; and much more. Contributors include Thomas D’Amico, Giuseppe Marulli, Alper Toker, Shanda Blackmon, Takashi Suda, Joshua Sonett, and many more.

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