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Vol 12, No 4 (July 31, 2023): Three Decades of Aortic Valve-Sparing Operations II

Aortic root remodeling

Christian Giebels, Tristan Ehrlich, Hans-Joachim Schäfers

Vol 12, No 3 (May 31, 2023): Three Decades of Aortic Valve-Sparing Operations I

Vol 12, No 1 (January 31, 2023): Uniportal Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery I

Uniportal fully robotic-assisted major pulmonary resections

Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Mugurel Bosinceanu, Veronica Manolache, Javier Gallego-Poveda, Alejandro Garcia, Marina Paradela, Joel Dunning, Manjunath Bale, Natalia Motas

Vol 11, No 6 (November 29, 2022): Robotic Mitral Valve Surgery II

Robotically assisted mitral valve repair—the string, ruler, and bulldog technique

Matheus Guimaraes Carelli, Martin Misfeld, Ashley R. Wilson-Smith, Tristan D. Yan

Vol 11, No 4 (July 29, 2022): Bicuspid Aortic Valve

Bicuspid aortic valve repair: the 180°-Reimplantation technique

Jama Jahanyar, Laurent de Kerchove, Gebrine El Khoury

Vol 11, No 3 (May 31, 2022): Surgical & Non-Surgical Management of Mechanical Complications of AMI

Operative strategies for acute mitral regurgitation as a mechanical complication of myocardial infarction

Giulio Massimi, Matteo Matteucci, Mariusz Kowalewski, Daniele Ronco, Giovanni Chiarini, Maria Elena De Piero, Valeria Lo Coco, Jos G. Maessen, Cesare Beghi, Roberto Lorusso

Vol 11, No 2 (March 31, 2022): PTE in Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension and Disease

Pulmonary endarterectomy: technique and pitfalls

Stefan Guth, Eckhard Mayer, Diethard Prüfer, Christoph B. Wiedenroth

Vol 10, No 6 (November 28, 2021): Thoracic Aortic Endovascular Solutions I

Vol 10, No 5 (September 29, 2021): Transcatheter Valve-in-Valve

Vol 10, No 4 (July 30, 2021): Ross Procedure

Vol 10, No 2 (March 31, 2021): Continuous-Flow MCS in End-Stage Heart Failure I

Conventional and alternative sites for left ventricular assist device inflow and outflow cannula placement

Antonio Loforte, Tomaso Bottio, Matteo Attisani, Sofia Martin Suarez, Vincenzo Tarzia, Marco Pocar, Luca Botta, Gino Gerosa, Mauro Rinaldi, Davide Pacini

Vol 10, No 1 (January 29, 2021): Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement

LAMPOON techniques to prevent or manage left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in transcatheter mitral valve replacement

Brian C. Case, John C. Lisko, Vasilis C. Babaliaros, Adam B. Greenbaum, Lowell Satler, Itsik Ben-Dor, Brian J. Forrestal, Charan Yerasi, Norihiko Kamioka, Toby Rogers, Ron Waksman, Robert J. Lederman, Jaffar M. Khan

Vol 9, No 6 (November 27, 2020): Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

A step-by-step guide to trans-axillary transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Morgan T. Harloff, Edward D. Percy, Sameer A. Hirji, Farhang Yazdchi, Hunbo Shim, Muntasir Chowdhury, Alexandra A. Malarczyk, Piotr S. Sobieszczyk, Ashraf A. Sabe, Pinak B. Shah, Tsuyoshi Kaneko

Vol 9, No 5 (September 30, 2020): Sutureless and Rapid Deployment Aortic Valve Replacement II

Vol 9, No 4 (July 28, 2020): Sutureless and Rapid Deployment Aortic Valve Replacement I

Vol 9, No 3 (May 29, 2020): Frozen Elephant Trunk

Vol 9, No 2 (March 30, 2020): Total Artificial Heart

Vol 9, No 1 (January 29, 2020): Lung Transplantation

Sternotomy versus thoracotomy lung transplantation: key tips and contemporary results

Gita N. Mody, Anthony Coppolino, Steve K. Singh, Hari R. Mallidi

Vol 8, No 6 (November 29, 2019): Endocarditis

The “UFO” procedure

Martin Misfeld, Piroze M. Davierwala, Michael A. Borger, Farhad Bakhtiary

Vol 8, No 5 (September 24, 2019): Type A Intramural Hematoma

Vol 8, No 4 (July 01, 2019): Type B Intramural Hematoma and Descending Penetrating Aortic Ulcer

Art of operative techniques: treatment options in arch penetrating aortic ulcer

Chiara Lomazzi, Viviana Grassi, Maurizio Domanin, Carlo De Vincentiis, Gabriele Piffaretti, Santi Trimarchi

Vol 8, No 3 (May 01, 2019): Advanced Techniques in Aortic Valve Repair

Bicuspid aortic valve repair adapted to aortic phenotype

Mustafa Zakkar, Pouya Youssefi, Christophe Acar, Nizar Khelil, Mathieu Debauchez, Emmanuel Lansac

Vol 8, No 2 (March 30, 2019): Robotic Thoracic Surgery

Vol 8, No 1 (January 01, 2019): Extracorporeal Life Support in Refractory Heart Failure

Vol 7, No 6 (November 30, 2018): Emerging Technologies in Mitral Valve Surgery

Transapical NeoChord mitral valve repair

Andrea Colli, David Adams, Alessandro Fiocco, Nicola Pradegan, Lorenzo Longinotti, Matteo Nadali, Dimosthenis Pandis, Gino Gerosa
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