Article Abstract

Twenty-year fate of the radial artery graft

Authors: Paul Achouh, Christophe Acar


It is well known that radial arteries (RA) are not the primary choice as coronary artery grafts. In this Research Highlight, we discuss the follow-up results of 629 radial artery grafts performed over 20 years. Focal stenosis occurred in 3% of RAs, while string signs were observed in 0.9%. Overall graft patency was 83%, but indication for angiographic assessment was driven by symptomatic presentation. Graft patency decreased exponentially during the first postoperative year, but patency rate declined at a linear rate with low attrition afterwards, suggesting a lack of radial graft disease. These results indicate relatively stable radial artery patency rates for up to 20 years.


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