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Sutureless Aortic Valve Replacement International Registry (SU-AVR-IR): design and rationale from the International Valvular Surgery Study Group (IVSSG)

Marco Di Eusanio, Kevin Phan, Denis Bouchard, Thierry P. Carrel, Otto E. Dapunt, Roberto Di Bartolomeo, Harald C. Eichstaedt, Theodor Fischlein, Thierry Folliguet, Borut Gersak, Mattia Glauber, Axel Haverich, Martin Misfeld, Peter J. Oberwalder, Giuseppe Santarpino, Malakh Lal Shrestha, Marco Solinas, Marco Vola, Francesco Alamanni, Alberto Albertini, Gopal Bhatnagar, Michel Carrier, Stephen Clark, Federic Collart, Utz Kappert, Alfred Kocher, Bart Meuris, Carmelo Mignosa, Ahmed Ouda, Marc Pelletier, Parwis Baradaran Rahmanian, David Reineke, Kevin Teoh, Giovanni Troise, Emmanuel Villa, Thorsten Wahlers, Tristan D. Yan

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