Article Abstract

The Ross procedure is the optimal solution for young adults with unrepairable aortic valve disease

Ali Hage, Fadi Hage, Matthew Valdis, Linrui Guo, Michael W. A. Chu


While aortic valve repair remains the ideal intervention to restore normal valvular function, the optimal aortic valve substitute for patients with a non-repairable aortic valve remains an ongoing subject for debate. In particular, younger patients with a non-repairable valve represent a unique challenge because of their active lifestyle and long life expectancy, which carries a higher cumulative risk of prosthesis-related complications. The Ross procedure, unlike prosthetic or homograft aortic valve replacement (AVR), provides an expected survival equivalent to that of the age and gender-matched general population. Contemporary data has shown that the Ross procedure can be performed safely in centers with expertise, and is associated with improved valvular durability, hemodynamics and quality of life.


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